for him and for her

for him and for her

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DAVID.CABRERA is a brand with one goal and that goal is to be the best. We are not just a regular brand, we are the brand that fits into your style, personality and need; the brand that will always be on point. Something you may like to know is that we are two young entrepreneurs with a unique set of skills that set us apart from all the other brands out there, we complement each other in a way that makes working together harmonious and the style that emerges from it unique. You can see this shining through our logo; as you can see these are two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together but if one piece is not present it loses its grater meaning and just be one piece. This goes for all the people in the world, you may know someone with whom you may have a strong connection or someone you can’t live without you need the ying and the yang, the dark and the light and the calm and the storm, only then will the puzzle be complete. This is where DAVID.CABRERA stands for


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Uri David

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Dillion Cabrera

CEO/Account Manager
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Art Director

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